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Organic Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Organic Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: Australia –By Cobram Estate, Boundary Bend Ltd

Crush Date: Early Harvest 2011 - April-May 2011  

Flavor Intensity: Medium Intensity

Flavor: Green leaf aroma, strong hints of almond and fig and finishes with notes of avocado and unripe tomato 

Suggested Uses - Picual Olive Oil will maintain flavor when cooked and is ideal for baking, sauce making or sautéing. It is also complex enough to be an exquisite dipping oil.

Awards: Best of Show, Best of Class, Gold Medal-LA International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition –Medium, Gold Medal-Medium

Chemistry: Crush Date: April-May 2011 - As measured at the time of crush.

  • Polyphenols: 105       -- FFA: 0.1
  • Oleic Acid: 73.7         -- Peroxide: 2.0
  • DAGs: 97.6              -- PPP: 

Fruitiness: 6.8, Bitterness: 3.0, Pungency: 3.5

Recipes: Savory Roasted Garlic Cloves, Spinach Basil Pesto

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